Promo 2020

by One Step Closer



released February 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Triple B Records Boston, Massachusetts

Too hardcore for smartphone punks.

Too punk for clap mosh losers.

Boston, MA.

kiss my ass

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Track Name: Lead to Gray
What will it take to regain?
The truth you closed your eyes it remains the same
But once the feeling dies will you reach for me
I’ll grasp to the sound of the voice that’s embedded in me and hear the silence sing
To grow, to change, I want to wish it away
Suppress the love, the pain when a decision is made
Whats trapped inside this valley is left to die here
I can’t accept this way this time I strain
To grow and change
Exchange the blame (exchange the blame)
When blue skies flea
They lead to grey
And now my time has slipped
I can feel it ripping apart from the seams
Then my world was flipped
Brought me back to face the ghost that I’ll never see
Only shadows leave this life with me
With me
I tried to erase the past but it haunts me every day
Forgive me, I turned my back to every cry
Forgive me, forget me, whatever it takes to be aligned
Forgive me
When colors flea
And lead to grey
But I scream not only for you
But I dream not only for you
For me
To make this change
For me
Track Name: Broken (Turning Point)
Why must it be this way?
The trust we built has faded grey
When will this all be gone
You left me all alone, you left me holding on
Today passed so long ago
You left me bruised and broken
I had no chance to grow
I never thought it would come to this
But there's so much more bad than the good times I'll miss
I'm not sorry it turned out this way
Because the only way you acted only left me saying "life goes on"
It means nothing now
Because it worked out once but I'm wondering how
And how can you lie when you know it's true
I'll never forget what you broke in two
A lifeline worn from the love we shared
But trying to hold didn't have a prayer
And it crushes down, it crushes down on me
What you offered wasn't love just misery
I look around my room and I think of you
And I hope you never know what you put me through
All those letters you wrote, those words burn in my head
Lies written in stone
Don't you remember what we said?

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