Destroyer 01:07
I am the destroyer there's nothing you can do sooner or later or right now its coming for you history doesn't really repeat - it echoes Destroyer
Don’t try to make sense of it you’ll end up losing your mind every day in a war zone Bullets flying right by you hear the shots when you least expect it I hear the shots I put my family in the basement I don’t know how I made it out Even now I’m diving back in to help But Im not making a dent Another life shot dead in the streets How can I look them in the eye and lie and tell them that it’s all right I can’t
Nightmare 01:08
It keeps happening again and again It’s like I don’t have a choice I keep saying it again and again It’s like I don’t have a voice I can’t find relief in this world It’s like I’m living in a nightmare
I can’t stop... I can’t stop the fangs of time from sucking my bones dry It comes for me like a ghost in the night My thoughts can’t wait until daylight
Excalibur 03:36
I feel the fire burning like the core of a flame a burning desire to go to war to erase your name Excalibur In a way it’s another way out I swing this sword like a gavel in the truest court In a way it’s another way out You can run and hide but we’re taking you out Excalibur I swing this sword like a gavel
Put You Down 02:34
You coming around here Talking like you got it all figured out I remember a time When you were devout Where the hell you been Who the hell are you We’ve been here digging a ditch You’ve been playing the fool Get your hands off what’s mine Go back to your world I’ll put you down Go back
Just when my tour’s been survived I’m called back to war Just when air hits my breath I’m pulled back under Just when my scars have healed They’re ripped back open Won’t be denied To be what I am It’s a war for my soul I won’t be broken I can’t be stopped I won’t be denied this shot
I don't want to forget it I don't want to let it go i don’t want it in the past drag my own life down just to make you pay this anger inside i swear it follows me i present a hand but a stick is ready Im taking too many blows i got to smother my foes smother my foes
Bestseller 02:20
Fades Away 02:58
I remember a time When you held on tight to me Now I’m letting go You’ll always have my love Time fades away I remember time When you looked for all from us Running and laughing Falling and learning Time fades away You’re able to be joyous You’re able to be wise You’re able to learn from your pain and kill a snake in disguise Always remember you can spot a lie And kill evil with your mind You can live with grit and be kind I remember a time time fades away


released November 16, 2018


all rights reserved



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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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